About Us

ADALYA MARBLE A.S. is one of the leading natural stone companies in Turkey that offer high quality and unique product options to customers all over the world with its developing organizational structure and technology; exporting to 52 different countries, mainly to USA, China and EU.

As a pioneer in marble sector; Adalya Marble operating in 5 factories in Antalya Industrial Area, Finike and Korkuteli counties and a showroom/warehouse in Istanbul.

Adalya Marble doubled its production capacity in recent years by prioritizing factory investments, changing machinery line and reached to the latest technology production system with new machine purchases.

Adalya Marble offering new products to its customers, with innovation through continuous research and development. Adalya marble is opertaing 7 quarries: Finike Limestone Quarry, Korkuteli Capuccino Quarry, Burdur Adonis Quarry, Isparta Monte Bello and Ocean Quarries, Elmalı Hera Beige Quarry and Denizli Bekilli Luna Perla Quarry.

Adalya Marble carries out its activities in accordance with the legislation of Occupational Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Management and invests in knowing that it is able to provide services at world standards through quality management and makes this to both its customers and its employees.

Adalya Marble is proud of its achievements at the point where it is today and based on ethical values ​​and keeping its aims and aims at realizable level.

Adalya Marble has been involved in many important projects in Turkey and abroad with its young and dynamic staff and continues this success in a stable manner.

Osman Gülmez
Chairman of the Board

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