There are 126 nails in this bundle and its weights in approximately 1700 grams.

Perpendicular pieces are strengthened by 3 mm wires on the lop.

On the smoothed surface of each plate a nylon cover is place by an automatic machine

In order to prevent bending of perpendicular pieces they are supported by wooden pieces on sides.

Each bundle has a plate on it, indicating information regarding its production.

Bundle wood pieces are made of 1st class black pine.

In order to increase the strenght of the case it is supported by nylon bands horızontally on the bottom and lop.

A shrink is applied with a thick nylon cover (specially produced) over the case.

A plate exists on the case giving information on the production of the product.

In product to prevent breakages at the corners and sides, 2 slips of timber with a thickness of 1.5 cm are placed on the bottom of each case(as shook absorbers).

All the wooden cases are made of 1st class black pinewood which is above the market standard.

Our factory fumugation (for drugs) has been working with natural gas furnace process is done.